Monday, April 27, 2009


So I hear Micah has long hair now! And he is freakin huge. That of course is his way of preparin for prison life. He wears his hair in a pony that he ties back with a piece of sheet.
A problem seems to be going on with the officers at coconino county. Evidently they can't keep track of if he has visits available or not. Yesterday two people went to visit and were told he did not have any visits left.
Then he called girlfriend and asked why she had not visited him. So she called again and was told that he did not have any visits. She took a chance and went down anyway. Lo and behold he did have visits. What the heck?
You would think it is enough to have your freedom taken from you. Your family removed from you and your friends. Your life put on hold. This does not seem to be enough for some people. They seem to take joy out of making life just a little more miserable. Woo hoo, what a thrill!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I have been hearing from long lost friends and relatives of Micahs' that have not been able to visit or attend hearings. Looks like the hearing in two weeks will be well attended. woo hoo!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Two weeks from tomorrow is Micahs' hearing at 3:00. It is looking like there will be big group there to support Micah. He was so happy last time to see people he had not seen in awhile and to feel the "love". Keep up the encouragement and if you see something funny pass it along to Micah. He could use a good laugh these day. Jokes, stories, or just great lines he can use on people are much appreciated. His address is under his pic and isn't he just the cutest darn thing?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I love talking to Micah, it always makes me laugh and makes my day. He is soo funny and has a way with words that reminds me that if he can laugh and joke then I have no excuses not to laugh about life.
I was asking if life was better with his new celly. He said he liked this pod much better because time goes by faster. He has actually started going outside every chance he gets and running and working out. Hopefully this will help with his teeth and health problems.
He did tell me that they have vitamins he could take. They are five bucks a bottle so he had not bought any. I think I will put money on his account so that he can take vitamins. Knowing Micah he will buy doughnuts though instead of vitamins, for sure!
Also he is having trouble getting his mail delivered. They have been with holding his mail until they feel like giving it to him. He said he was coming in from the yard the other day and saw some of his mail on some guys desk. He said hey that is my mail can I have it? They said sure so he took it.
Evidently if you mouth off or as Micah put it "act like an asshole", they will keep your toilet paper, or your mail. Whichever one you need or want worse I suppose. This is their way of getting even for you treating them like your maid, or so he says.
If you feel like getting a funny letter ,just write to Micah, I promise you will not be disappointed he will write you a funny letter and make you smile.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I would like to thank all of you who write and add comments on this site. It makes me feel so good to know all of you are thinking about Micah, and I can tell who his real friends were and still are. The comment on the post past was such a great description of Micah it made me tear up!
The boy who wrote the comment obviously knew Micah very well. I will definately pass on to Micah the thought and support. When we talk on the phone he always tells me who has visited and written to him. I always tell him who has written and made comments on his blog. As his hearings come and go I think he fears everyone will forget about him and his case.
Of course our wish is that the people who wish him bad would forget about him and all the people, who are the majority, who wish him well would just keep remembering him.
He is busy still writing his novel. He loves to give his cellies a hard time. He calls them grandpa to tease them. If I was in jail I would love to have Micah for a celly. Any guy in Coconino County is lucky to get him for a celly. He is like built in entertainment for sure. If he can't think of a joke he will make on up to be sure he is a hoot.
He was complaining the other day that he would need dentures when he gets out of jail. For some reason he is having lots of dental problems. I think he has a little case of rickets, but am not sure how to check for that. The problem at county is they don't take them out in the sun very often and as we all know you need vitamin d to synthesize your calcium. So now I am concerned, not that it will make any difference, but dang he has the prettiest white teeth of any of his siblings!

Monday, April 13, 2009


This picture is a little fuzzy, but still has the Micah attitude written all over it. I got to talk to him yesterday and he is doing great. Well great relatively speaking of course. He has not been doing much writing because the pencil sharpener in his new cell is not working too well. He has finally gotten to move into a new cell. His old celly was such a downer he is thrilled with his new cell.
He is now with two as he calls them "really old" guys. That means they are probably over 40 or something. They have good stories though and one thing Micah loves is a good story. Maybe it will add to his writing.
Micah said the Coconino County was so nice yesterday they put three jelly beans on their cake for lunch! Woo Hoo! He is sooo anxious to get out of County. It is just sooo boring there. They don't offer classes, no exercise yards, no nothing.
I pointed out that at least he got to talk to me and girlfriend unlimited. He said not to be rude of course but he would take the limited calls if it meant getting out of County. Boredom is a drag to be sure.

Friday, April 10, 2009


With eight and a half months in Coconino County jail Micah has about experienced all of the holidays in jail. I don't know which one has been hardest for him, probably Christmas. On Christmas we were able to talk to him, and we will be able to talk to him on Easter.
He will have visits from several friends and his brother on Easter, so that makes me feel better. I do wish I had sent him a card, but I forgot to and just hope he does not feel too bummed out.
If anyone wants to visit Micah just let me know and we will get you in. We are trying to coordinate his visits so that he can see more people and get as much outside contact as possible. He sends his love and appreciation for all who have visited and written and please keep them coming :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Oh man Jesse you are such a chicken! The good part is the support for Micah is growing and he is thrilled to say the least. I talked to Micah after the hearing today, which was forwarded until May 6th. He commented that he was glad to see so many people there but was not sure they were all "friendly" faces.
He did say it is very difficult to go to these hearings. He sees everyone coming, and then leaving in their cars free to go and do as they please. It is a very difficult reminder of the life he is missing living in Coconino County Jail.
One observation he has made is that jail is a writers paradise, minus the se# of course. He has all the time he needs to write and it is really easy to concentrate on his writing. He said his novel is coming along well and he is really excited about it.
I asked him if he would like any magazines and he said some writers magazines might be good with tips etc. to help him out. If anyone knows of any good ones input on this is appreciated.
As for news, we know about as much as everyone else, which is not much.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just a reminder, tomorrow three oclock for the hearing. I have been told by my loving son, who would be Micahs' brother that he is not, repeat not, going to do the red hat red balloon thing. Oh well can't say I did not try.
I am still waitning on pictures and will post them as soon as I get them. I am looking forward to my chat with Micah tomorrow, it is hard to just talk twice a week. Thanks to his girlfriend for keeping me up to speed, much appreciated. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Micah only called once today, as we are trying to save money and only talk twice a week. It is difficult, but at least he gets his visits and girlfriend calls. I try to send him a card every week and of course his long rambly Sunday letters from the family.
I am supposed to receive some pictures of him that he got from girlfriend, so will post those as I get them. They are probably the most recent pictures I have of him other than the ones I have already posted.
Of course there are the mug shots on the Daily Scum, where he was pretty beat up and very angry about that. They were also pretty excited I'm sure to get a picture of him at his initial hearing with all the chains on. Oh the things that sell papers ha?
This week on Wed. is Micahs' update hearing. Probably no new news, but we can always get a surprise. Most likely another forward, but we will see.
I made the mistake of complaining to Micah about how much we are not making, and he reminded me that when he was living here we were all living on 200.00 per month. That made me feel better and I promptly apologized to him for complaining and swore not to do it again.
He only had one half hour visit today, so is hoping his brother Jesse will be able to get over to visit him this week. He did say he has been using his money to buy a few things he needs. He bought some socks and deoderant. I asked him if he was going to buy curtains and a matching bedspread for his cell and he said he was actually eying some silk sheets. Looks like he is planning on being in Coconino County for awhile.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I got to talk to Micah today. It was good to talk to him and I enjoyed his good humor. He was talking to his Dad about the new book he is writing. He is really into Greek mythology right now so he is writing a modern version of Odysseus.
When I asked him if he was writing any poetry he said "Mom that is so last week, so old school, so old news, now it is the novel".
I suggested to him that it would be really cool if he printed it really neatly and we published it in his handwriting. I asked him how many people handwrite their own books? He was just quiet then started laughing.
"You are just trying to get out of typing it up, you can't fool me!" Ok he caught me, I hate typing and I am also literary illiterate. As in I can't even begin to edit or add anything to his work. Hopefully he does not expect me to do anything other than type it up, because that is my limit of expertise when it comes to writing.
He is hoping to find out something concrete about his case in the coming weeks, as of now we know about as much as we did about eight months ago, nothing. Oh except eight months ago the other two boys were in jail too, but now they are out and enjoying the lovely spring weather of Flagstaff.
It is funny but Micah never ever talks about that fact. He just tells me to chill and not to get angry or sad, because that does not help him or the case or myself. Like he says "don't worry be happy".

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Coconino County Jail is a great place to spend eight months of your life. Especially your senior year when you are 18 years old. Lots of time to think, ponder your belly button and you get to visit once a week with someone from the real world.
The prison system is fair, with fair sentences and it all makes sense.
Lawyers are truly concerned with the truth and finding out what really happened and who is guilty and innocent.
Newspapers tell the truth.