Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Challenge

Micah has challenged everyone to reading some books! He likes to have something to talk about when he gets to talk. Right now we are reading the John Steinbeck books. I ordered us a set from Amazon so that we can keep up with this really smart dude!

If anyone is interested I will give you a list of the books Micah has read and you can try and keep up with Mr.Smartie pants!

Like I said I can guarantee you a great visit when you go see him. Very invigorating and enlivening.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful Visits

We all had such a great time visiting with him. A couple of the guards actually had hearts and let us stay a little longer. They were aware that we were visiting from out of the country and were great sports about it.

His little sister keeps bugging him about when they will have their big "date". He has promised her a date to California for ice=cream and a beach swim. So he has narrowed it down for her. He told her 900 days. In other words we will not hear the end of this date for 900 days, or until he gets out whichever comes first.

We are still working on his poetry book and it is moving slow. When you have to rely on snail mail to keep everything moving it is a slow process. He is doing lots of writing these days and getting very good at it. Better all the time.

Starting Sunday he will actually have visits again. We will not be hogging them.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Wow is all I can say about Mr. Guapo! It has been so cool and awesome and wonderful to see Micah two times in the past week. He is so freakin' huge that he is not going to fit into the little cubicle pretty soon here. Like I don't know how we are going to be able to visit him. He is so funny.

We had a fun visit today and he was in a pretty somber mood. After all the reading he has been doing he has gotten very good at expressing his feelings very eloquently. It is good for him and great for us to be able to talk.

Once again he was very thankful for all prayers and support he has received.

We have been very thankful for the well wishes and thoughts and prayers received for Micah. All our friends have been so supportive and wonderful.

A huge thanks for the people letting us stay with them on our extended visit, and sharing their homes with us, that is so cool and we truly appreciate their love and hospitality.

It has been a little uncomfortable for Micah's siblings to have to deal with some small minded people involved in the whole ordeal and they have passed wih flying colors. It is not easy for them and thank to all who help them talk through their feelings and deal with them. Friends and family are the best and we as well as Micah thank one and all!