Monday, September 28, 2009


I am a worrier, and when I did not hear from Micah on Sat. as I normally do I got very worried. I thought maybe he was on lockdown or sick or something. When he did not call again yesterday I got very worried. I called and asked if he was having visits to make sure he was not on lockdown, they assured me he had visits left.

Today low and behold I finally got my phone call. He told me that the phones at coconino county were down for the weekend. Maybe they don't realize how a phone call can make all the difference in the week of an inmate.

Friday, September 25, 2009


We received an email from Micah's lawyer today. Apparently she was right on about time in coco county. She said it looks like Feb. for the trial. That will make two years for Micah in county it is looking like.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Finally a morsel of news. We talked to Micah yesterday and found out that he has a meeting with Hamilton's lawyer November 5. That is a long way off, so I can only assume, though we have not heard for sure, the trial must be an even longer way off.

I guess Micah's lawyer was not exaggerating when she said 2010 before he landed in the yard. It is looking like he will be in Coconino County almost a year.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I got to talk to Micah today and wish him a beautiful Day of Peace! He said he had not heard that today was The International Day of Peace. I guess he learned something talking to his mom today. He is excited about his birthday. I can't believe he will be 19, time flies when you are in jail I guess.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I can't believe Micah put me on "hold" today! That's right, we were talking away and the guard shows up to tell him he has a visitor. So he tells me he will call me back in half an hour!

I am glad he has people visiting and writing him. In fact we got him his birthday present today. We bought him a subscription to Backpacking magazine. I am hoping he receives it by his birthday on 10/4.

While we were talking the second time I had to ask someone to get the cookies out of the oven. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I realized I had made a big mistake. He just said, "I really wish you had not just said that." I apologized and told him that is what I would bring him when we finally get to visit him in prison.

He said not just one kind of cookie, he wants a whole big plate of assorted homemade cookies. He is like him mom in his love of cookies for sure.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So Micah has new plans now. I hope he is writing down all the plans he makes while he is Coconino County because they would fill a book for sure. This weeks plan is to open a b&b with his brother in Costa Rica. Of course it would include massage, and he would be the massage therapist. His brother would be in charge of the cooking and coffee. They decided it should be on the beach. I think he forgot how hot it is on the beach.

Right now he is trying to decide on a magazine we can order for him for his birthday. He wants a mens magazine with lots of workouts and nutrition advice. He and his dad are researching it and he will talk to the boss man at the jail to get it approved. He is looking forward to having a weekly magazine. He is also looking forward to football season, right around the corner.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Micah is well! He said he was only sick for a couple of days with the killer headache. He figured it was from being too tight in his neck and upper back, so I gave him some stretches to do.

Micahs birthday is October 4, so if you have an inkling to send him a card or letter that would be a great time. We are going to send him about 20 cards so he knows he is loved lots!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


So Micah is sick. He has a bad headache as well as achy shoulders and neck. I told him to get something for his headache and he said it cost $5.00 for pain killers. Now I had a migraine today and that sure makes me appreciate my IBprofin that I can take just like that. Poor kid we will be praying for him.

He also said he ate all the goodies from his $80.00 pack in just three hours! He said he felt a little ill afterward, but otherwise O.K. I can imagine for awhile after he gets out he may experience a bit of an eating disorder, I know I would.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


That Micah, he is such a comedian! When he called today I asked him how he felt about possibly spending 7-10 more months in Coconino County. He just said "well now Mom there is not a lot we can do about it is there?" He has pretty much accepted it and was in a great mood.

We were discussing his "new body" and he was saying that if he could go back in time he would have taken better care of his body. I was glad to hear that but assured him that even with the extra 20 lbs. and "man boobs" I still loved him the same.

He just burst out laughing and told his buddies what I had said. He got his $80.00 pack this week and was tickled pink. It included candy, cookies, as well as stamps and papers and other neccessities. He was very excited, it was like Christmas or something. It was good to talk to him today and I am glad he thought to change our calls to three days a week, makes my day.