Friday, January 30, 2009


(Taken from a phone call with Micah in the evening)

Mom: What are you thinking about jail at this minute?

Micah: They switch your meals without telling you sometimes. When you are expecting things like beans with hotdogs in it you might just end up getting chicken.

Mom: What did you do today?

Micah: I slept until 5:00 p.m. and just drank 2 cups of black joe. Tonight I will stay awake keeping my cell mates awake blabbing about absolutely nothing.

Mom: Do you have a journal entry you would like to share?

Micah: Yeah. Dec. 15,2009, We live life from day to day because that is what we are conditioned to do.

Mom: Is there anyone you want to give a shout out to ?

Micah: I don't wanna shout out to nobody right now until you look at my blog site :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I thought that I would write a little about Micah while I wait for his call tomorrow and his first official post. Micah was born Oct. 4, 1990 in Missouri. We moved to Flagstaff when he was three years old and he has lived there ever since. He did spend six months living with us in Costa Rica the second sememster of his sophmore year of high school.

When he was six years old Micah started playing the cello with the Suzuki program at NAU. He had an awesome teacher, Mrs. Bean. She was the most patient, kind teacher that I have ever seen. He definately pushed her to the limits of her patience and she stayed sweet. When he was 12 he made the decision to switch from cello to swim team. He joined the Snowsharks and took off. He was an awesome swimmer, specializing in the breast stroke.

Micah attended the Motessori school in town for seventh and eighth grade. He attended the public middle school for the last part of eighth grade. The goal for his whole life was to play football. He loved football and made the jv team in his freshman year. In his sophmore year he made the varsity team and did awesome. Another talent that Micah discovered in his sophmore year was singing. He made the select choir at his school and then went on to make the jazz singers. He sings beautiful and plays the guitar.

In his sophmore year half of the family moved to Costa Rica to open our study abroad massage school. Micah joined at the end of his first semester and attended a private school in Costa Rica. His spanish came right along and he was pretty fluent by the time he left in July to return and prepare for his junior year and football.

Micah found a gracious family that agreed to be his legal guardians so that he could remain in the U.S. and pursue his dream of playing football and going to college. At the end of his junior year he left his legal guardians home and moved in with some buddies.

July 12th Micah was arrested and has been in Coconino County jail since then. We do not know if he will go to trial at this point and time. He was arrested with two other boys whom he did not know very well.

Micah loves letters and money in his account for more stamps, and letter writing supplies. He is an awesome writer and as you can see from his history just pretty darn good at anything he sets his mind out to accomplish. Yes I guess I am a little bias, but hey I am his mom!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This blog site has been set up for my son Micah Neumann who is in Coconino County jail. He has been there for seven months and I will be writing this blog on behalf of him. He calls me every other day and writes me every week, so that will be where I will get the posts for this site. I will also include his poetry as he sends it. He is in the process of writing a book of poetry that will be included for sale on this site.

If you have ever wondered what it is like in jail, here is your chance to find out. Feel free to ask questions and they will be forwarded to him so that he can answer them the best he is able. Please do not ask questions about his case as he cannot discuss it until it is settled, sometime in the near future hopefully. Thanks and enjoy Micahs humor, it is what is getting him by!