Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy 21!!!

Waiting, waiting, waiting for Micah's birthday call. I wish it was his last b-day in prison, but next year it will be celebrated the week before he gets out.

As a mother celebrating the birth of a child it is always a mixed emotional bag. When that child happens to be growing into a man in prison the emotional bag gets a bit more emo.

I just try not to focus on the last three birthdays and try to think about how much fun it will be to make up for all those missed birthday parties.

The good thing is his grandma got to get out to visit him over the weekend. No one that has never had a loved one incarcerated nor been locked up themself can imagine the lift that comes with the visits. They are looked forward and much appreciated, especially if the visitor has quarters :)

Happy Birthday to Micah and next week will begin the countdown for the last year, thank God!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In one week we will all be celebrating Micah's big 21!!!!

He cannot believe as well as us that he has spent the last four birthdays incarcerated. But the great awesome amazing news is this will be his very last birthday in prison!!!!!

If you are feeling the love you can go to www.amazingmail.com and send the boy a birthday card. It is as easy as one two three and he would love to be overwhelmed by birthday cards.

His birthday is October 4.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Minute of Fun

Now that we are back home and settled in I can actually write about our experiences visiting. When you are in the middle of some things it is just too hard to write about them without adding a bunch of emotion or something!

We got to visit Micah for about 12 hours every weekend for four weekends. It was glorious to see him, and feel him and talk to him. I was so amazed at how we just fell right into family roles as soon as we were together. One of the worries when Micah went to prison so young was that he would grow up too soon.

Well no worries about that one! I am very happy to report he is still the same joky jokster and big teddy bear Micah! From throwing a fit while we played Trouble to chasing his little sister around the visitor yard to being able to finish off $30.00 worth of vending machine junk food he was 100% himself.

He is open to visits now, you can all cut loose. He has eight hours one day on the weekends and four hours on one other day. It is so great to see him and enjoy his sense of humor for awhile. Sure makes you grateful for your life however awful it may seem at the moment. There is nothing like visiting an inmate to put your problems in perspective.

When we went on the last day to visit I planned to take a few pictures of the prison to post here. By the time I tore myself away from him, knowing I would not see him for another 13 months and hating that place more than anything in the world I told hubby, "put that camera away, I don't ever want to see this place again in my life".

In a short 13 months Micah will be saying the same thing!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Excellent Article

In talking with a visitor and Micah this past weekend I was made aware that I had not shared the following link. This is an article Micah has written telling just a little about his experience. Hopefully it will convince others to make good choices.

Next week I will be posting pictures and stories about our experiences visiting Micah. Our last visit will be Saturday morning :(. It has been awesome to visit with him every weekend and get to know our son again. The best part is we still love him a ton and think he is awesome!

Enjoy this article.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Address Earned

Sorry I did not post immediately after our weekend visit with Micah, too many emotions to deal with.

It was the best feeling in the world to have my baby boy grab me up in his humonous arms and give me the biggest hug ever! He is guapo as always and looking so healthy and ready to get out.

A few notes for those planning to visit. The first and most important thing is to call and make sure you are on his visitor list. We were sure everything was good on this point and thank goodness I called a couple of days before to double check. Sure enough baby was not on his list. That all translated to many phone calls and visits from him to his councilor to get a "special" visit for baby to come for the next three weekends.

The next note is you cannot wear anything sleeveless to visit. My blouse was not really a tank top or thin strap but it was sleeveless enough that I ended up wearing a really hot sweatshirt of hubby's that was thank goodness in the car for the entire eight hour visit. That meant when we went outside so he could smoke the cigars his dad brought him and it was 104 I was extremely hot!

Next note is do not wear an underwire bra! If you beep you will not be allowed to pass and you cannot just go out and take off the bra, you must keep on your undergarments at all times? Not sure if they would check on this one or not but I would surely not want to risk it.

And the $30.00 worth of quarters for the vending machine, yes he used every last one of them. It was actually a bit gross but he managed to eat so much grossness I actually felt a little sick just watching him :)

You can note the new address to the right. He is now in Eagle Point rather than Barchey, thank God. He is also working for Rio Salada college as the clerk there at Eagle Point. He actually earned his way to Eagle Point with good boy points and it is the best place for him. You must have less than five years on your sentence and they are all preparing to leave, so they are super chill.

It is so exciting to think that next year when we come to visit we will be taking Micah home!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Countdown Time

One more week and counting the days, hours and minutes until I can hug "Baby Boy" in person, in the flesh!

Micah is in the yard (happy dance time for all).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Times

Well as good as they can be in prison I would say good times. Just got a call from Micah. After one month in the hole he has finally landed in the yard! Just in time for a personal visit for the first time in over three years. Now the whole airfare and taking time off really pays off and I am so excited to see Baby Boy!

Monday, July 18, 2011

What A Sorry State

Prisoners Have Nothing to Gain By Eating

Prisoners risking death by refusing food in the Pelican Bay supermax, and those hunger striking in solidarity in prisons around California are a judgment of our sickness. “The degree of civilization in a society,” said Dostoyevsky, “can be judged by entering its prisons.”

Civilization is something we no longer seem to aspire to. The United States locks up more people and a greater percentage of its people than anyone else. We lock them in training centers for anger and violence. We subject them to rape, assault, humiliation, and isolation. We throw the innocent in with the guilty, the young with the old, the nonviolent with the violent, the hopeful with those who’ve lost all interest in life.

And we routinely subject large numbers of prisoners to the torture of near-total isolation. We lock human beings in little boxes for 22 or 23 hours per day. When it’s done to an accused whistleblower like Bradley Manning, we protest. But what about when it’s done to thousands of people, many of them baselessly accused of being members of gangs? Where is the outrage?

We should be refusing to eat. We should be shutting down our government with nonviolent action. We should be risking the lives we have. Instead the burden has fallen to those who have little or no lives to risk. The prisoners themselves are taking action and gaining power from behind bars.

Look at the prisoners’ demands. They want an end to group punishment of individual rules violations. That seems like a basic requirement of justice. Bombing a nation because some terrorists spent time there may make sense to our politicians, but it is horribly unjust to the people living and dying under the bombs. Stopping and searching people who look like they might be immigrants may make sense to those whose hatred of immigrants is distorting their thinking, but it is outrageously unjust from the perspective of the innocent people repeatedly harassed. Punishing everyone in a prison for something one person did make sense if the goal is cruelty. But will the innocent prisoners thus abused eventually emerge from prison believing they’ve been given fair treatment by a justice system with which they should comply? Or will they be released thirsting for vengeance? Or thirst for vengeance while never being released? And will we be able to keep what we have done to them secret from ourselves? Will we not continue to grow more ill?

They want an end to the use of completely unreliable criteria for labeling a prisoner a gang member and on that basis subjecting them to the torture of isolation. Should a tattoo or the word of someone offered decent food in exchange for a name really be the test of whether a human being should be placed at risk of severe mental damage? Should anything? Would we stand for another nation treating people this way? Don’t tell me it’s necessary and responsible. It would cost a lot less money to offer children decent schools and food and guidance than it does to imprison men. This is a luxury. It’s a sick indulgence of a wealthy country. We can afford to engage in massive sadistic cruelty. But that shouldn’t mean that we have to do it.

They want compliance with the recommendations found in the latest study our government produced to make itself feel better despite ignoring it. They want an end to the long-term solitary confinement that takes people’s minds away. They are risking death by starvation to end death by deprivation of human contact. We could risk a lot less to do it for them.

They want adequate food provided to all prisoners and an end to the practice of depriving some and feeding others as a tool for manipulating people like wild beasts. They want basic decency, including the ability to make one phone call per week. They want standards of health and humanity that do not even begin to approach those we are required by international treaty to provide to prisoners of war. For that matter, they want to cease being treated in a manner that would get you locked up with them if you treated a dog or a cat that way.

All the prisoners are asking of us is that we spread the word. But, in fact, they are not asking this of us. They are offering it to us. They are leading us where we need to go, and doing it from behind bars. We would need to go to this place even if we had no prisons. We are allowing our government to destroy the physical environment. Our children will have no more reason to eat than these prisoners do, if we fail to act. We are allowing our government to murder on a massive scale through what it calls the “Defense” Department, a name as skillfully chosen as that of a “Corrections” Department. We need to do some real defending and correcting. Some of us have plans for October. The least among us are showing us how right now.

David Swanson is an anti-war activist. Read other articles by David.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Letters Rock

At this time and point LETTERS ROCK! I got to talk to Micah today and he was in a much better mood than last week. he said the weather had cooled off somewhat because the humidity had dropped.

I cannot even imagine only being able to talk to one person a week, and only for fifteen minutes. I cannot wait until next week, we get to see Micah!

He is begging for letters, without t.v., music, or other people there is not much to keep him entertained.

So if you are a little bored with summer and all, go to "amazing mail" and send him a post card, I can guarantee you he will love it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Weeks in the Hole/Three Years in Hell

Micah has been in the hole for three weeks now. We were planning a trip to visit him, but it looks like we will be visiting him through glass once again. What a bummer!

He was taken into protective detention three weeks ago. It would not be so bad if it weren't over 90 degrees in his cell. The walls are so hot he has to sleep on the concrete floor. He is allowed out once a week to call us for 15 minutes and one half hour a day to walk around the cube.

I don't know how long he will be here, could be the next 15 months. In that case he could sure use lots of uplifting letters of encouragement and love. He is more discouraged than I have ever seen him in the last three years.

Three years ago today Micah was incarcerated. I know he is counting the days, hours and minutes until this hell is over for him.

We were on the phone all day with Warden, Deputy Warden as well as councelor. Our one request, please try to make him a little more comfortable. It is inhumane to keep a person in that kind of heat in any situation.

I don't know how many are following the happenings in Calif. at Pelican Bay prison. That is a solitary prison. There are inmates, people there that have been in solitary over 25 years! What kind of people are we that we could allow that kind of torture to go on among us? How can we stand silent while people are being held in cages with no human contact?

I remember when my kids were young they would do volunteer hours at the pound and no kill shelter. They would go to "walk the dogs and socialize the cats".

Monday, June 20, 2011


This is a call out to anyone that is on Micah's visitor list and would like to see him graduate tomorrow. He will be having his cap and gown GED graduation at 10:00 if you would have time and means to get there.
Also we just found out that he has received another, that makes three, scholarship through Rio Salada community college. Way to go and man that is one smart cookie!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Six Month Mark

Another six month mark on the horizon. Micah has been in Lewis almost six months and is looking forward to bumping up a level. I guess in gamer words, "leveling up" would be the term. That means more visiting time, more phone time and the best part a cell instead of communal living.

Now the game to see if it really happens. Our experience has been things don't happen quite like they are supposed to in prison.

Micah starts his school work officially on Monday and it will be fun to watch him progress through that. He is taking one class that is the same as two of his brothers, they will all be enrolled at the same time, that makes us feel pretty close to him right now.

He did say on the phone that he appreciates all the letters and support, you may not think it helps but it really does.

Monday, May 30, 2011

College Student

Micah received his books from Rio Salada last week and is ready to get started on his classes. He got the scholarship from Rio for two classes, just because he is so darn smart! He is figuring that he will be able to complete his associates degree by the time he gets out in one year and five months.

He had a great visit this weekend and wants to thank everyone who takes the time to visit and write to him. As I have mentioned the time goes by so much faster and he feels so much better when he has lots of contact with the real world.

The prison world is just that- a prison world, and sometimes it is easy to forget there is a real world out there. A world where you can stay up until you want to go to sleep, where you can eat when you are ready to eat and a world where you can eat whatever you want to eat.

It is kind of like when you are really sick and you cannot remember what it feels like to feel good.

And the more we talk to him and remind him of all the good out here the more he looks forward and prepares for his life outside of the prison walls!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here

Talking to Micah this morning and it was early. I can't believe that guy gets up at 5:30 in the morning to talk to his old mama. It is so nice to talk to him everyday and just gets my day going in the right direction.

In June he will move to level 2. That means more phone time. He will also go to B. That means moving across the street into a cell instead of dorm living.

He is still teaching a few hours a day and working out lots. He is waiting impatiently for things to get going with his schooling through Rio Salada college. I think he is going to do awesome and he is excited to get things going so he will be ready to join his brothers for University when he finishes.

The weather is heating up on Phoenix and he mentioned today that his visits will be increased in June. If anyone would like to visit and they are on his list just leave a message and I will get you there to visit. It really helps the weekend go faster as they only have two meals a day on the weekends, call breakfast and lunch brunch. Good ole' boys that own the prisons in Phoenix trying to cut corners how ever they can ha?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Six Months Later

Finally!!! Got to talk to Micah tonight. It has been six months since I have gotten to speak with him and it was glorious. It was just so good to hear his voice and that he was indeed doing o.k. and looking very forward to being able to talk regularly.

He was in ok spirits. He got two scholarships and will be taking two courses from Rio Salada. He is also teaching the GED prep classes still for 20 hrs. a week and loving that job.

It sounded like he was still working out lots and I will get to talk to him again tonight. I will have a lot more posts now that we can communicate. Just to let you all know he has had somme mail confiscated so if he did not write back that may be why.

Also his visitor list is now approved, little glitch on that one that we got fixed. I believe is you are on his approved visitor list you can google "securit" the phone service they use at the prison. There you set up an account so he will be able to call you.

I can't even describe how wrong they are about Friday the 13th :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mr Smart

I always knew Micah was pretty darn smart. Now it is a proven fact evidently. While he was in Alhambra he took an equivalency test and aced it. Now he got a job teaching the GED prep classes for the other inmates trying to pass it. The funniest part is he has not even taken it yet, just helping them study for it and scheduled to take it on the 23rd. No doubt he will ace that test all over the place.

The funny part is three guys got mad at them because they have been trying to get this job for years and he just jumped right in there. The really cool news is he gets, are you ready for this? 15 cents an hour! Boo yeah!

To his credit he did say he would try not to get too flashy and rub the super high income in my face :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


That is the angry mother growl! I just called the prison today to see why I have not been approved on Micah's visitor list yet. The guy that seriously sounds short of a few brain cells tells me that they did not even submit my application until March 2nd.

I asked him why it was not submitted until then considering the fact I turned it in online a month before that. He said "duh, uh, because we had to wait until we got the list from Micah".

Keep in mind he was in the process of being shipped all over Arizona at the time, so how in the heck was he supposed to submit his list to them? I think that he submitted a list when he was in Florence and they did not file it. Therefore he had to turn in another list when he got to Lewis.

I am convinced that not one of the people I have talked to at that prison complex could run anything. It is just freakin amazing to me that they are responsible for other people. People they obviously don't give a flip about.

I tried to explain to the nice rather not all checked out guy on the other end of the phone that we were traveling from out of country and really needed to know if we were going to be approved before we purchased tickets.

"Duh, well it never takes the whole two months but I can't really make any guarantees to you uh".

Time to just breath and know that it will be cleared and work out well when we get there so that we can visit Micah.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Awaited News

Just as I was about at the end of my wits I finally received a wonderful phone call. Thanks to Micah's cellies father for calling us to update us!
Micah is doing well and just waiting for his visitors list to be approved and then he should be calling. He said in the next couple of days Yipee!
It has been so long since Dec. 1 that I have seen or talked to him and I am very anxious to hear how he is doing there.
Now just for the pacing and waiting!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last Move

Micah is at home, as much as he can be that is for the next 18 months. I found out today that he has been transferred as of the 31st of Jan. to Lewis. He now has an address that will be his for the duration of his stay with the state.
Any mail you may have sent him will still get to him, they forward it.
New Address:
Barchey Unit
Micah Neumann #259241
P.O. Box 3200
Buckeye AZ. 85236

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good News

I was finally able to speak with Micah's councilor as well as his lawyer. It looks like Micah is getting settled in at Florence and things are going much better for him. At the moment he is waiting for his permanent status and where exactly he will be housed for the next year and a half.

We are already looking forward to our visit with him this year and planning on when to visit the states. It is difficult to time our visit when we really do not want to visit Phoenix in the heat of summer but have classes until then.

Micah will be letting people know if they are on his visitor list so that you can go online and fill out the application. Keep in mind that it takes at least two months for it to be cleared so it is best to fill it out early rather than later.

I would love to be able to speak with him but again that has to wait until we are approved on his visitor list. In fact they won't even give any information over the phone if you are not approved on the visitor list. It is very important to me to keep updated on Micah and if anyone hears anything good we would love to hear it.

Micah wanted to thank all of you who have purchased books as well as helped out with money on his books, it is much appreciated.

To put money on his books you have to send a cashiers check or money order to the address on the side bar. The money order or cashiers check has to be made out to
The dept.of corrections for the account of Micah Neumann #259241

Again thanks to all for the continued love, prayers, thoughts and support, we are on the downhill slope now.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sick, Sad and Pissed Off

When you find out that your child will be living somewhere new you do your research and find out all you can about the place they will be living. In fact when my daughter and her family were moving to Costa Rica I did so much research I decided to move us here as well.

When I found out Micah was in Florence prison I decided to research and find out all I could about the place.

I already knew a few things about the place. My step dad worked there for a couple of years about 31 years ago. Just knowing that makes the place somewhat suspect for sure. Also know my son-in-law was in the immigration holding center there for four months before they shipped him back to Hondurus. I drove my daughter down a couple of weekends to visit him before he left.

As you can see I already hated the place before I even started researching it. Now for the icing on the cake. Florence is one of Arizona'a many private prisons. Yes that is right really rich jerks own prisons. Now I don't know about you but that kind of smells of something that happened a long time ago that we actually abolished, called slavery.

The owner of Florence is CCA. They have a very distinguished board of rich old guys who have nothing better to make money off of than human slavery. In fact they even sell the things the prisoners make in the slave shops. Do the prisoners get the money? Hell no!

In fact the private prisons receive so much money per prisoner from the government. That is not all though. You want to know another big money maker for the state? Well the phone service has to pay a percentage of what they charge the inmates to call their families. The state makes money off these calls to the families. Many of the inmates cannot even afford to call family because of the charges as I have mentioned before.

I ask myself how can these men sleep at night? How can they look in the mirror and stand what they see there? I know if they knew my son like I do they would not be able to stand themselves one minute more. They would not like the fact that the private prisons are more dangerous, and the prisoners are actually more poorly cared for than the governement prisons.

Of course that is giving them the benefit of the doubt that they still have some spark of humanity left, which apparently they do not!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We have an address!!! We have an address!!! And you can even mail stuff!!!

Micah Neumann
ADC #259241
Florence Central
P.O. Box 8200
UNN: Central
Florence AZ. 85132

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Florence, are you friggin kidding me, Florence? Could he be any further away from friends and family? That really bums me out as I was really hoping for Bukeye, I just have to know that God knows what is best for Micah right now, and Florence it is.

You can write him there, I will include a good address tomorrow I hope. I just found him on prisoner search tonight. He has lost weight and is down to 150. I would not have recognized him right off he is so thin. Also he shaved his head so that did not help.

He looks so grown up and that was the part that made me cry when this whole nightmare began. Knowing that my teenager would grow up in prison. Well he grew up before he got to prison in County Jail. Not a whole lot better for sure.

Now I have filled out the paperwork and should be able to talk to him on the phone in the next few weeks, woot woo !

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Book is Here

For those of you sitting on the edge of your seats all these months, breath abated, you can finally rest well. The book is here and ready for you to purchase, kick back and read.

The only catch is you better hurry because the next book is in the process of getting out there.

I have a feeling that Micah will be moved into his next "home" soon. Somehow I seem to have the gut feeling, or maybe the mom feeling when things are happening to him. I have been feeling that and sure hope that it is soon.

If anyone else has any information please share it with us and I will surely keep you all posted as soon as we hear some news.

Peace and pura vida!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Someone very cool sent me a message today! She finally heard from Baby Boy and evidently as of Christmas he was still in "processing". I believe they send them there to make them really appreciate prison, can't really think of any other reason to stick people there for weeks at a time.

Micah said that they have to take turns getting up because there is not enough room for all of them to get up at the same time. Friggin ridiculous.

He did say that he was still singing and working out and could not wait to finally get out of there. They actually make dice out of toilet paper and dominoes out of milk cartons, gimme a break at least give them something to do to occupy their brains.

At least I can hope that he will be gone from there soon, keep ya posted.

Book At Last

Coffee With Apollo: Poetry and Prose
Authored by Micah Neumann
List Price: $12.58
5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
108 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1456356149 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1456356143
BISAC: Poetry / General
While incarcerated in the Coconino County Jail Micah developed a love of reading. Soon he developed a love of writing and began this his first work. Coffee With Apollo is a compilation of poetry and prose written during Micah's first two years in jail.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Revolution

"You say you want a Revolution"
One thing I would sure like to see changed it the way the judicial system in the U.S. handles their stupid visitor lists and phone calls.

It has been over a month since I have been able to talk to Micah and I am getting pretty angry at a system that does this to these guys. Do you know there are some, actually many prisoners that are never able to talk to family and friends on the phone?

You have to make at least a $50.00 payment to their "phone servers" before you can even receive a call. Apparently in prison you even have to be on their visitor list for them to be able to call you.

Needless to say we have not even received our papers to fill out yet and it will be six to eight weeks once we get it turned in! At this rate Micah will be out before we can even go visit him, frustration.

On a good note Monday his book will hit the stands! That is right I will have it available for purchase here on his site as well as on the bookstore site. We are very excited because it turned out really awesome.

I will keep everyone posted on an address as soon as we receive one, and thanks for the continued support and well wishes, and Happy New Years to all.