Saturday, December 25, 2010

No Call Christmas

A little hole in my heart this Christmas day. I did not get to talk to "baby boy". I have not gotten to talk to him for weeks, and I am very impatient to talk to him. It will be a few more weeks as he gets settled in and gets his visitors list o.k,d. At least we will have lots to talk about.

I have had a editor look over and edit his book, as soon as I receive it it will be posted to this sight and available for order. That will be a great Christmas gift for him.

Friday, December 17, 2010

On The Move

This was year of the Tiger and I told Micah that meant movement and that he would be moving this year.

About an hour ago I was feeling that Micah was on the move. I called Coconino County and sure enough they said he was no longer there. About half an hour later I got a call from a friend saying that sure enough Micah has left Coconino County and will be in processing for the next few weeks.

I am so happy for him to finally get out of Coconino County. I am so happy as only a mother can be that he will have a much better Christmas than he has had the past two. That makes my Christmas and I will sleep better knowing that he will be having a tad more freedom than he has had the past 21/2 years.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Letters Again

It looks like we will be writing letters again. At least we will be once we finally have an address to send them to. So far no word on Micah getting transferred. I am so hoping that he can land in the yard before Christmas.

We are all working on a letter with Christmas greetings to send to him as soon as we hear he has shipped out and has an address.

In the meantime I am just missing talking to him and looking forward to the arrival of his book this week. He is very impatient for his book to hit the stands, but I have to double check the finished version and then it will be available for purchase.

Maybe in time for a Christmas purchase!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Minimum Sentence

Here you can read all the news about the hearing yesterday. Micah has received the minimum sentence, 5 years. He is over half way done and is very thankful for everyone who made it possible for him to receive this minimum sentence.

Micah did an awesome job of conveying his sorrow and remorse and all the feelings he has experienced about this whole tragedy.

Micah wishes to convey his thanks and love to all the "supposed family and friends" that attended yesterday. It was awesome to feel the love and I will be posting his new address here soon we hope.

Peace and Blessings to all.