Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mr Smart

I always knew Micah was pretty darn smart. Now it is a proven fact evidently. While he was in Alhambra he took an equivalency test and aced it. Now he got a job teaching the GED prep classes for the other inmates trying to pass it. The funniest part is he has not even taken it yet, just helping them study for it and scheduled to take it on the 23rd. No doubt he will ace that test all over the place.

The funny part is three guys got mad at them because they have been trying to get this job for years and he just jumped right in there. The really cool news is he gets, are you ready for this? 15 cents an hour! Boo yeah!

To his credit he did say he would try not to get too flashy and rub the super high income in my face :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


That is the angry mother growl! I just called the prison today to see why I have not been approved on Micah's visitor list yet. The guy that seriously sounds short of a few brain cells tells me that they did not even submit my application until March 2nd.

I asked him why it was not submitted until then considering the fact I turned it in online a month before that. He said "duh, uh, because we had to wait until we got the list from Micah".

Keep in mind he was in the process of being shipped all over Arizona at the time, so how in the heck was he supposed to submit his list to them? I think that he submitted a list when he was in Florence and they did not file it. Therefore he had to turn in another list when he got to Lewis.

I am convinced that not one of the people I have talked to at that prison complex could run anything. It is just freakin amazing to me that they are responsible for other people. People they obviously don't give a flip about.

I tried to explain to the nice rather not all checked out guy on the other end of the phone that we were traveling from out of country and really needed to know if we were going to be approved before we purchased tickets.

"Duh, well it never takes the whole two months but I can't really make any guarantees to you uh".

Time to just breath and know that it will be cleared and work out well when we get there so that we can visit Micah.