Monday, June 20, 2011


This is a call out to anyone that is on Micah's visitor list and would like to see him graduate tomorrow. He will be having his cap and gown GED graduation at 10:00 if you would have time and means to get there.
Also we just found out that he has received another, that makes three, scholarship through Rio Salada community college. Way to go and man that is one smart cookie!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Six Month Mark

Another six month mark on the horizon. Micah has been in Lewis almost six months and is looking forward to bumping up a level. I guess in gamer words, "leveling up" would be the term. That means more visiting time, more phone time and the best part a cell instead of communal living.

Now the game to see if it really happens. Our experience has been things don't happen quite like they are supposed to in prison.

Micah starts his school work officially on Monday and it will be fun to watch him progress through that. He is taking one class that is the same as two of his brothers, they will all be enrolled at the same time, that makes us feel pretty close to him right now.

He did say on the phone that he appreciates all the letters and support, you may not think it helps but it really does.