Saturday, January 30, 2010


Oops, I got Micah in trouble. Well not really in trouble, just as he said made him look like a "dumb ass". He asked if I had included money in the last letter I wrote like I said I would. Seems I completely forgot. He got the letter today and asked the guards where the heck the money was. They said there was no money when they opened it. He said he threw a freakin fit and now he was just going to hide in his cell so he did not have to face them. He said he always acts like an ass, and now he looks like a dumb ass! He is so funny, and now I feel so bad.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cafe Relief

Wow Micah was in a much better mood when I talked to him yesterday. It is amazing what a difference about 10 cups of coffee can do for a guy. He had not slept at all the night before as he was up all night drinking coffee and spent the day on a coffee binge.

We are in the process of making valentine cards for Micah that we will mail out next week. It takes so long for the mail to get there, so better get on it. He could use some happy love letters for Feb.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So apparently the Coconino County Jail does not accomodate those who want to increase their learning. Micah has requested to continue studying for and take his GED. For crying out loud people he has been there for 18 months, he could almost have his associates by now.

He is a little bummed that he will just be an alumni of Coconino County!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ixna on the Saving

He did request that since he will probably be there about a year longer anyone that was saving their pennies for his prison fund can go ahead and send it to him now. He is out of money, and worst of all out of coffee :( Not too fun to talk to for sure.

I am sure hoping that things will change between now and August, but it looks like that is the date for now. Let's get that kid out of there!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Good ole' Micah. Today I got to hear a play by play detail of his antics during the Cardinals game last night. Unfortunately we turned the game off at half time, thinking they had it locked up. My oldest son called us right after the game and told us we just missed the best overtime game of the year aughhhhhh! Then Micah agreed with him and told me about him dancing on the tables and screaming his lungs out. Poor Micah, and even poorer still his cell mates who as he says love him and hate him.

He was doing better this weekend. Today is his 18 month anniversary. He has been in Coconino County jail for 18 months! That is really hard to believe. He is so hoping to get out of there before his two year anniversary. And of course still hoping and praying for that minimum sentence! No word on him getting out of county any time soon.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Micah had a hearing yesterday about the assault charge by another inmate. It seems strange to me that they would ever listen to one inmate over the other. I mean how reliable of a witness are they? So now he is having to deal with this one. The good news is they said that his time would count, good thing ha since he has been in county 18 months now.