Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I truly look forward to Sundays and Wednesdays. Those are my days to talk to Micah on the telephone. He called early today and we had a great chat. He is working with his brother in law to help him learn how to read and write in English. They will be writing letters about Micahs' hero Jim Morrison.

Last Sunday they had a great discussion on the phone about him and we decided they should write to each other to help out. Today Micah had a question for me like he always does. His question of the day was, how much protien is in an egg, and what is the best way to maintain the protien in it when cooking.

Pretty much it is boiling, but not sure about the protien content, a good google subject. Other than that he is good and we are waiting to get some letters from him with some of his new drawings.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Ok come on you know you want to do it. Log into and send Micah a free post card with a smiley face. You don't even have to pay postage or anything, just fill it out and send it. He has only received two, one from me and one from his sis.
When I spoke with Micah yesterday he was feeling a little blue. He was thankful to hear from one of his sisters friends, and told us that made his day. You wouldn't believe how much a letter from anyone can cheer him up and make his day.
So like I said you know you want to and just have not taken the time..... do it......!

Friday, May 22, 2009


The tooth issue goes on for Micah. He had a dentist appointment last week and they pulled yet another tooth. So I suppose we should set up an account with our dentist now to get his inplants once he finally gets out. I figure if we start paying on it now we will have his teeth paid for when he gets out and he will be able to chew.
He has started taking vitamins and says he is feeling better. Thank you to the friend who contributed to this! He also has new shoes from mom and is able to continue running without wearing out his socks. I believe he was also able to get more than two pair of underwear now. He feels like he is set for the wait now. Hopefully it will not be too awful long.
Coconino County can get awfully boring to be sure. He is reading some classics now and working on his short story book. He is tired of poems and onto something more interesting. I look forward to reading his first short story.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The book is almost done. I have finally gotten around to getting all the poems typed up that Micah has sent me and it is looking good. He has decided to do a book of short stories next and that looking pretty good.
I got to talk to him for awhile yesterday. He is well and now I am doing personal training for him as well as his celly that is trying to get in shape. What the heck, unlimited time to work out, he should be in pretty good shape before too long.
Can't say the same for the poor teeth. Just got two more pulled last week and I think they are pulling one more. That would be four molars which means that he will be pretty darn toothless for the next couple of years. Hopefully that is all he will lose in jail.
He worked out four hours the other day and ended up being a little too agressive. He will have to take it easy with that one. His lawyer is always reminding him how important it is for him to have good behavior. That is a tricky one.
Difficult for any 18 year old to be sure. Being in Coconino county makes it double difficult for sure.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just found something really cool online. It is called You should all, if you are Micahs' friends that is, check it out. You can mail him letters as well as cards and pictures at this site.
There is one smiley card that you can send free. Just get Micahs' address off the side here and go on over and make him a card. Believe me he would love it and it would really be cool if he got a whole ton of them this week.
One thing him and I talked about and decided is that when he gets out of prison we will still always write and visit inmates!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I remember the first time that we went to Coconino County to visit Micah. There was barf in the hallway by the trash can. We were so excited to finally see Micah after two months of trying to arrange calls and writing letters. the girl at the front desk told us he was in a-pod. I was really nervous and started to giggle and said they have a-pod, b-pod, and c-pod, but no i-pod. She agreed that it was pretty funny.
This visit was much more relaxed and I felt much better visiting. At least now we have a good idea of what to expect and what is going to happen with his life. When we visit now he is freer to talk about his case and what is going on for him.
He told me about his first memory when he got to jail ten months ago. He was put in a cell with a kid who was being very mouthy and talkin smack to Micah. He just ignored him and went on with what he had to do. Later on in the evening the news came on and they were all watching. The news was still sensationalizing the killing that had landed Micah there. The kid looked at Micah, looked at the T.V., looked back at Micah, and back at the T.V. left the room for a minute. He returned with some tuna and crackers and offered them to Micah! He is still learning lessons and how his life will be for the next few years.
The good part is he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now he knows that he will get out before he is 30 and that he needs to make some plans and goals for his future. It is great to hear him talking about those plans and goals again.
Letters are still much appreciated and if you are feeling generous he would appreciate magazine subscriptions. Thanks to all for the continued support and prayers, he needs them.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank you to all who attended Micahs' hearing on Wed. I was so glad that I could be there to see Micah and very appreciative of all the support there. I got to visit Micah after the hearing and he was in pretty good spirits.
Here is the thing about jail though. They must have caught wind of the fact that he was in good spirits so they worked right away to remedy that. As soon as he returned they made him gather all his stuff and moved him to lockdown in c pod. Now of course he was very happy and content in b pod, he has lived there almost a year right?
When I went to visit they almost did not let me in. Thank goodness for Sgt. Wildermuth who had flagged a visit from me. Can you imagine if I had come all the way from Costa Rica and they would not let me visit? I would of ended up in there with him for sure.
Anyway so once I did get in he was pretty upset about being moved. We did have a great chat and he is anxious to get on with his life and get his time done. He is almost a year down. You can read all the detail about his plea at
Now begins the waiting game as we wait for Hamilton to be tried. Micah said that he will not know what prison he will be in until it happens, like until he is on the way there. Just pray that is happens fast and that he can get out of c pod.
I did call his attorney and she said she would see that he was moved back. Evidently the attorneys and pi had all talked and decided he would not be moved, someone obviously did not get that memo. They like to move him and get him upset though, gives them a little sick joy or something, good ole coconino county.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


There will be a hearing for Micah tomorrow (Wed.) at 3:00. Hope everyone in the world that loves, likes or just kind of likes Micah can be there.

Monday, May 4, 2009


No news yet on the hearing will post tomorrow if there will be one, stay tuned :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So I have been lax in my reporting skills, sorry. I usually only read the news coming out of Flagstaff when I absolutely have to, or when I know of a development. I have to apologize for my lousy reporting in not reporting that Jesse Collier is back in Coconino County Jail.
Evidently he decided to accept his plea of manslaughter and a testimony against Hamilton for a 7-20 yr sentence. That of course according to the newspaper, which I'm not in any way sure if it is the truth.
This may be the reason for the change in the hearing, the one that we don't know if it is going to happen or not. I will know by Monday if there will be a hearing or not.
We do hope you all can make it for the hearing should it happen. The newspaper was very quick to point out that Collier was such a good boy, and had lots of family and community support. I guess dealing drugs and wearing a bullet proof vest don't count against "good boy" status anymore. Also not sure whether to believe that one since it came from the same source that said Micah had no family members present at his hearing, when in fact there has never been a hearing that he did not have a family member present for.
I'm sure all of you that have tried to visit Micah know how difficult that is, community support, ha?

Friday, May 1, 2009


What a system we have ha? Only in this system can you make plans that involve travelling a thousand miles and over five hundred dollars and have them change plans. Only in this system are you at the whim of every other person involved other than the one on trial. Only in this system do prisoners really and truly have absolutely no rights.
There may be no hearing on Wed. Will keep all posted as we will find out on Monday. Stay tuned to the moods and decisions of Coconino County Justice System.