Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Micah asked me to pass along his gratitude this Thanksgiving. He is thankful for all of you who have hung by him through the past two and a half years of hell in Coconino County Jail. You all are awesome, especially those of you who were able to write letters, they hit the spot!

We look forward to seeing whoever can make it to the big day on Wednesday. It will be a great day to move on in this journey from hell that Micah has been on.

Again thanks for the letters and see you all Wednesday.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Measurements

I have new measurements of the hulk, aka Micah. He told me today that he was 34 in the waist, 48 chest, and 141/2 in his biceps. Dang, dang that dude is huge, and getting bigger. He has been getting some running in and feeling great.

I also wanted to let any of you know who emailed Christine letters that she only got one. Evidently she had a spam blocker on or something so please resend!!!

Thanks and look forward to seeing all in 10 days.

Pura Vida!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Only two and a half more weeks to hearing day! Yippee! That means if you are thinking that maybe you would like to write a letter of support for Micah go for it! You don't have to be his best buddy, heck you don't even have to know him that well. You just have to have known him up to two and a half years ago when he got incarcerated and know that he is still being a great kid and going to continue being a great kid after they finally let him out of the cage.

There that is all we need, and we do need a few more. So like I said if you have been thinking about it and not had the time to get around to it, just take the leap doggin it and get er done!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Come On

Micah's lawyer has received a few letters. She would sure like to receive a few more. It is interesting that when Micah first went to jail I got so many letters of support. Now I wish I would have saved them for now! Don't be shy just send those letters and show your support for Micah.

No one will see your letter except the lawyer and the judge. It is simply a way to show the judge that Micah has a support system that will still be there once he gets out. The judge wants to see that we will all be there to give moral support and help him get going in his life again once he is out.

Also just a note for those of you waiting the Coffee With Apollo book will be coming out in hard copy in the next week. Our artist is working on the cover so that it will truly be a work created by Micah. If you are waiting I promise we are working on it and will have it available for purchase soon!

Thanks again for all the awesome letters and please write on if you have not!