Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Visit

I have received a couple of emails asking me how to visit Micah. I have decided to tell you! The best way to do it is call the jail, at the number under the address on the right. Ask them if Micah has any visits left this week.

Visits begin every Sunday morning and he has two thirty minute visits a week. Not much ha? If he has any visits left they will tell you and you can go down to the jail. The Coconino County Jail is right behind New Frontier Natural foods on Sawmill Rd.

When you got you must bring an ID. They also require that you be at least 18 unless you are a family member.

If you would like to visit and are having trouble getting in email me and I will tell Micah so that he can save a visit for you. He just refuses all visitors until you come to visit at your designated time.

Easy peasy ha? Have a good visit!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Forgiven and Forgotten

Micah is doing well. A big welcome to the new followers, he needs all the support he can get at this time. He has been very down. The visits are very important. I know how hard it is to go visit him. For me it is just such a drag to see him in that stupid place and not break down that glass and rescue my boy. It is very emotional to see him there.

I do realize visiting people in jail is not everyone's favorite past time. Even Micah has mentioned that had he known what he knows now he would have found someone to visit every chance he got. The visits mean that much to him.

We are spending about five grand to go visit him this summer. We don't mind though because I just love the heck out of that big ole' teddy bear and we are just living a different kind of normal. One where family vacations are planned around Micah's two year celebration etc.

On a sadder note, we are praying for Larry Hendricks, yeah the one I have bashed. He has been missing in Flagstaff since Monday and our prayers are with him as well as his family. Just doing his job was what Micah's lawyer told me when she told me he is really a nice guy. I will take her word for it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Missin' You

There are some days that I just miss my boy! I mean I miss the heck out of that boy. This has been one of those weeks. I think because I know I am going to see him in a couple of months, it makes me anxious. I am so jealous of all you that can actually go visit him anytime you want to!

Speaking of which he said for everyone to get their butts down there and see him! He is feeling forgotten and pretty darn lonely so if you got the time, or even if you don't go visit my boy, for me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Boy

When Micah calls me he always says,"this is a call from baby boy". Well judging by this pic. that some kind soul sent me yesterday he is not my baby boy anymore! I am so excited to see him I owe a thousand thanks to the folks that made this happen, it made my day, heck my month, heck it will get me by until I see him in a few weeks. Thank you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vote No On Sales Tax Increase

On May 18th, go out and vote. Vote no on the one cent tax increase. How is this related to prisoners? If the state has to start budgeting they are going to cut the mandatory prison time to 65% rather than the current 80%. Do you know that means Micah could be out in 13 months if he gets his minimum 5 yr. sentence. I would love to see him.