Monday, June 29, 2009


Micah is now saving recipes of foods he wants to eat once he is free again. Most of them include salt or sugar or both. When we talk I do not talk to him about food, it is just too sad. This is the boy who when he lived here in Costa Rica loved to go and get a big cola with me and a package of cookies. In fact when we were both trying to lose weight we only allowed them on weekends.

It seems he has finished his second short story and it is in the mail, can't wait to read it. I asked him last night if he was o.k. I told him he sounded a little blue. He assured me he is still very white and doing great. Sometimes I wish he would just break down and scream or cry or cuss or something, but he just tries to be upbeat and positive.

Like I have said before when I told him he did not need to be positive and upbeat just for me he assured me that it was for him that he was doing it, not me. It seems he does not get letters anymore from anyone but a few blessed saints, thank you to all you who take the time and energy to write letters, he loves them.

I told him in a letter that I wrote that I could not really write anything exciting on here, so maybe I should just make stuff up. I am reminded of my all time favorite movie, "Life is Beautiful" and maybe I should start telling Micah this is all just a game and the winner wins a tank!

Monday, June 22, 2009


First of all I would like to thank our anonymos donor for Micah. He was thrilled to be able to buy more paper and envelopes to send some letters. If anyone likes receiving letters just send him one, he will write back.

Things are pretty much same ole in good old Coconino County. Micah is still spending the bulk of him time bulking up and reading and writing. He is about done with his "long, short story". I am excited to read it after the great job he did on his short story.

Micah actually had openings on Sunday for visitors, so if you are in need of some great entertainment give them a call and go visit him, it is well worth it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I thought I would share some of Micahs' artwork here. He was on a roll with artwork but has not sent any for awhile. This picture is especially good I think. He got some pretty good likeness going on with our family. I just try and encourage him to keep busy creating, makes the time go faster. He has been getting pretty compulsive about the working out again. I guess it would be the only thing in his life that he can control right now.

This picture is very much along the lines of his older brothers' work that he does. He laughed and asked if I noticed that it looks like Jesses' work. For sure. The good thing is Jesse sales his and maybe if Micah can focus and keep at it he can sell his also.
Did I tell you he writes small? This is Micahs' idea of saving paper. Not that he is tree hugger or anything, he just does not like to spend his few pennies for commisary on paper. So he writes at the size of an ant. I had to buy reading glasses just to read his letters!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Micah said he called his lawyer today. He just wanted to make sure she did not forget about him here in coconino county! Not like she could forget him, but you gotta stay on top of these things for sure.

He has started his second short story. I was finally able to read his last one and it was great. He said he has not done much art work as he is low on funds, hence low on paper etc. He goes through lots of paper, even though he writes the size of an ant.

Some weeks I just miss him lots, and unfortunately this week was one of those weeks when I have been thinking about him lots.

Friday, June 5, 2009


What a bittersweet time for Micah. He does wish to send out his congrats and best wishes to all his friends and family graduating this week. It would have been fun, but not everyone walks down the same road, for sure.

Micah is still just hoping for a short wait for his transfer, we can all send good juju vibes to help out with this. Thanks and again congratulations.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well in good ole Coconino County Micah is on to bigger and better things, artistically speaking. He just sent me some awesome artwork that he did. He has a great imagination and his pic of his dad is great. I will take pics and post them this week.

Other than that he is doing well. He is still juggling visitors, so if you have missed him keep trying, he loves visits. He also loves letters, especially with $$$ in them. It helps him to have some for commisary.

He wanted me to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers and cards and letters.